Zebra Child Protection Centre

So what does one say about Marilyn Ferrett and the Purple Team? As the CEO of the Zebra Child Protection Centre, we are so very fortunate to have found a partner who is 100% focused on creating amazing moments and memories for children. I recall a young boy – who has since passed away – who attended our Centre’s Kids Christmas Party. His favorite thing in the whole wide world was Spiderman. He adorned a Spiderman shirt the day of the party and Santa Claus’s gift that day was of course, Spiderman web wristbands. As this young boy waited to have his face painted, there was no doubt in his mind that a Spiderman mask was the only way to go. Marilyn was right in the moment with this young boy – making sure his face was painted in the most magnificent Spiderman way. This young boy strutted throughout the party – intent on showing all in attendance that he was the ‘real Spiderman’. When his picture with Santa came off the printer – he was vibrating with delight that his true identity had been captured on ‘film’. Marilyn created this moment for this young boy and a very precious memory for his family.

Organized, engaged and talented are words that I use to describe The Purple Team, under Marilyn’s direction. Thank you Marilyn and The Purple Team for bringing that ‘extra something’ to every event and every child’s face you hold.