Why Beyond?

While each party or event has its own requirements and limitations, there are several reasons to invest in the quality service that professional face painters and airbrush artists provide!


  1. BEYOND Face Painting artists make every effort to comply with the Alberta Health Services health and safety guidelines for airbrush artists and face and body painters. Please feel free to ask any of our artists about their hygiene and safety precautions.
  2. All paints and other supplies used by BEYOND Face Painting artists are professional quality, cosmetic grade, and FDA approved for use on the face and body. While allergic reactions are extremely rare, all artists are fully trained to deal with these situations.
  3. BEYOND Face Painting is commercially insured, City of Edmonton licensed and approved.


  1. Senior Beyond Face Painting artists have been professional face painters for many years. Junior artists have completed training programs and an apprenticeship period.
  2. In addition to their natural artistic talents, our artists invest in training, and keep up with the latest in the evolving world of airbrushing and face painting. The artwork posted on this website is a testament to the outstanding talent that is THE PURLE TEAM.

Peace of mind!

  1. All clients are provided with a contract outlining the event details as agreed and the responsibilities of both parties.
  2. Clients will be professionally invoiced for payment by company cheque or credit card.
  3. Notwithstanding a catastrophic happening Beyond Face Painting’s unique Purple Team structure ensures that once an event is booked it is guaranteed.
  4. Beyond Face Painting has been part of the Edmonton community since 2005 and takes great pride in being the preferred company for many Edmonton institutions.